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Jim remodeled our 110 year old house – new kitchen, added master bath, replaced all electrical and plumbing, remodeled two bathrooms, removed some walls and a chimney, new furnace, The house was in pretty bad shape, so we needed a contractor who was flexible, creative, and trustworthy. We had planned to move into the house 4-5 months after closing. We needed to complete a lot of work in a short amount of time, and the full scope of work couldn’t be determined until we opened some walls.

Jim was great at managing the project and the subcontractors to get us in the house on time. At one point, I think he had the electrician, plumber, HVAC and carpenters working in the house at the same time and managed to keep them working efficiently and out of each other’s way. He always understood completing the project on time was the most important goal, and kept shared schedules up to date to reassure us.
Although we started with a budget, we expanded the project along the way. Jim always made sure we understood the cost implications of our decisions, but also pointed out the long-term cost savings of doing repairs and improvements up front.

We are happy with all the decisions we made, and very satisfied with work Jim and his team did.
-Tim Wheeler

“We are so happy to have this beautiful home at Christmas this year”
-Rick & Kathy

“Thank you for building our beautiful home”

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