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How Do I Start A Remodel Project?

Step 1: Create a budget…Before you start, get your financial picture in order. If you are going to finance the improvements, speak with a lender to see how you qualify. This step is important because it will help you and your contractor to make realistic choices from the planning through the completion of your project.

Solution: JB Construction can sit down with you and provide guidance on general costs for a given scope of work. We understand how important it is to stay within budget constraints. We can also recommend expert financing sources.

Step 2: Visualize the project…Gather together those magazine pictures you’ve been collecting and start thinking about what you really want. At this point you may wish to involve a designer or architect and have a design done and plans drawn. Having a remodeler involved si going to provide “real-time” cost input as the design evolves. This will allow you to have more exact cost control over your project.

Solution: JB Construction can provide preliminary design consultation at no cost. We can then work with you to produce a more detailed estimate. We are very flexible and can also bring in creative and reliable architects, designers, interior decorators, etc., while helping to “manage” the planning process.

Step 3: Select your remodeling contractor…Some people think this is the easy part..just get three bids and pick the lowest, right? However, most smart consumers know there is a better way. Talk to your neighbors and friends who have been through a remodel; look for remodeling project signs in your neighborhood, or inquire through a professional remodeling organization like the HBA’s Remodelers Council. Then interview some and find one you feel comfortable with. Finally, get references and check them out with the Construction Contractor’s Board (CCB).

Solution: JB Construction has been remodeling homes in the Portland area since 1980. We have developed great relationships with all of our customers and have an outstanding record with the Construction Contractors Board. We pride ourselves in taking each project that we work on as if it is our own home and always do our best to provide full customer satisfaction.

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