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How Do I Start A Remodel Project?

Step 1: Create a budget…Before you start, get your financial picture in order. If you are going to finance the improvements, speak with a lender to see how you qualify. This step is important because it will help you and your contractor to make realistic choices from the planning through the completion of your project. […]

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Prudently Green

What is “Prudently Green”? When we talk about Prudently Green, we are referring to building approaches, materials and technologies that: Are in fact green (not all things sold as green are really green or green in every application). Make sense for your project. Provide you value. Either lower the cost of building and/or owning your […]

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Converting Old Basements Into Living Space

CONVERTING OLD BASEMENTS INTO LIVING SPACE By Jim Bruce JB Construction Services, Inc.   As a remodeling contractor, we receive a few calls a year to look at converting unfinished basements into living space.  I live and work in the Portland Oregon area and the great majority of basement conversions occur in older houses, because […]

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The Strong House: a Full Circle Family Legacy

In 2008 we completed a whole house remodel of a gorgeous historic home in the Alphabet district in NW Portland. The house came with a rich, partial history which was conveyed to us by the people who occupied it between 1941 and 2008. That part of the story was masterfully recounted by Bridget Otto in […]

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